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Why take lessons from us? We offer Private Tutoring, and a very detailed Written Lesson that covers a variety of subjects about Day Trading and Swing Trading. Plus there are also over 30 Hours of Video Lessons!...

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This strategy is based on Mathematics - A universal language - Works everywhere!

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Open your private lesson pages on your mobile devices - And study anywhere!

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Study as fast or as slow as you'd like to - Set your own pace and schedule!

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Our primary teaching tool is HD Videos - They are the most effective teaching tool!

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This trading strategy took over ten years to perfect!...

The strategy I teach can be used to trade any company on any Stock Market in the World!
If you can load up a chart for it, you can use my strategy to trade it.
That includes Stocks, ETF's, Forex, Futures, and Commodities.
I have lessons about Day Trading and Swing Trading.
For Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds - ETF's.
I can teach you how to trade all the:
Big Board Stocks and ETF's,
OTC - Bulletin Board,
And Pink Sheet

I'm not going to send you to other websites so you can read all about Technical Indicators.
I'm going to show you exactly how I use them in my own trading strategy!
With a detailed written lesson, and over thirty hours of videos.
You can also ask me any questions you may have via email.
And I'll work with you until you understand it all.

NEW! ~ Video Chart Lessons

These have revolutionized the way I give Day Trading Lessons and Swing Trading Lessons!

You can watch me do real-time Day Trades with Live Charts, Level 2, and Time & Sales windows, as I describe exactly what I see on the charts when I am Buying, and then what I see that makes me want to Sell. These video charts are also an excellent tool for teaching everything you need to know to become a successful Swing Trader. To see examples of videos that are in the lessons, click the link below:

Video Charts

Do you look forward to going to work every day as much as I do?

Are you looking for a way to stay at home to spend more time with your family, and also make a very good income? Or are you looking for a way to make extra income in your spare time? I stay home every day and trade the Stock Market. And I make a very good income doing what I love to do!

I can teach you everything I've learned in fifteen years of trading the Stock Market in a short amount of time, and you won't have to make the same mistakes I did when I began trading. I took me five years to learn how all of the Technical Indicators you can put onto a chart work, and a few more years to get rid of the ones that are lagging indicators. The only indicators I use now are the ones that work the best, and that makes my strategy very easy to learn beause there are just a few of them to learn.

This system of trading is based on your ability to read Candlestick Charts and just a few Technical Indicators associated with them. But there is more to just reading charts to make my strategy work well. You also need to do some Fundamental Analysis of the companies you are trading. This applies somewhat to Day Trading, but much more so for Swing Trading.

For Day Trading, all you need to do is react to the news or SEC Filings a company releases. For Swing Trading, you must follow the latest News Releases and SEC Filings for all of the stocks that you trade. You should also know when they are due to release their Quarterly and end of the Year reports to the SEC, and know what the analysts consensus for the EPS numbers are. If they report above or below the analyst's expectations, this can have a dramatic effect on the share price of their stock since the analysts will give the company either an Upgrade or a Downgrade. My lessons tell you how to go about doing all of these things, and many things more.

Here are just a few of the subjects you can learn about in the lessons I offer:

Level 2
Time & Sales
Chart Patterns
Volume Studies
Technical Analysis
Candlestick Charts
Fundamental Analysis
Support and Resistance
Chart Technical Indicators
The Pyschology of Trading

All you have to do to trade the Stock Market successfully is follow these


It's Never Wrong to Take Profits!

Keep Losses to an Absolute Minimum!
So that you can 'Live To Trade Another Day'.

Once you learn my strategy you will be able to make a very decent average dollar per hour income trading the stocks of your choice, if you follow the few simple rules I will teach to you. My strategy gives profitable Buy & Sell Signals only 75% of the time, and it tells you exactly what to do the other 25% of the times when a trade goes against you. If you don't have a good exit strategy that keeps every loss as small as possible, you will never be able to be truly successful trading the stock market.

For the Lessons on Day Trading
I make a video of what's on my computer's monitor while I'm doing real trades while the market is open, and I talk about everything that's going on during the trade. You see live streaming charts with all of the Technical Indicators I use, and I show you how exactly how I use each one of them. I also show you how to use Time & Sales and Level 2 screens, which tell you if there is more buying or selling going on at any given moment. This is a great way to learn how to Day Trade! There are 27 videos in the Day Trading series of lessons that have a total playtime of over 17 hours. There is also a very detailed written lesson that covers many subjects that deal with Day Trading.

Click on the Day Trading Lessons link below to learn more about these lessons:

Day Trading Lessons

For the Lessons on Swing Trading

I have a number of videos that cover all of the subjects listed above, plus I do an end of the week Fundamental and Technical Analysis of the S&P 500's daily and weekly charts. That way you can follow the movements of the market over an extended period of time, and see that it is possible to predict market tops and bottoms. There are 13 videos that describe my Swing Trading strategy in great detail.

Plus there are 22 videos I made every weekend for 5 months that shows how the S&P 500's daily and weekly charts moved over that period of time. In each of these videos, I also talk about what Earnings and Economic Reports to watch out for in the coming week, and show you the proper way to do research on the stocks you are interested in Swing Trading. There are 30 videos I made every weekend for four months in 2009 that followed the movements of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, and they show very clearly that I called the market's bottom to the day in March of 2009. In fact, I was calling for the market to bottom a week earlier than it actually did.

Click on the Swing Trading Lessons link below to learn more about these lessons:

Swing Trading Lessons

These Lessons Are Timeless!

I've been studying Technical Indicators for nearly twenty years now, and one thing I know for sure is that they remain constant. The patterns I first started noticing many years ago led to the development of this strategy. The last modification to the strategy was in 2010, and at this point I see no need to change it again. Ever! It works as well as it did years ago, and I expect it will work for many more years to come! I made four videos to showcase the final refinements to the strategy, and they are the pinnacle of this project.

Be sure to visit the Video Charts Page

There are four very informative videos on that page.

The very first video I ever made for the the Day Trading series of lessons is at the top, and shows a trade I did in real-time while the market was open. I made a $300. profit in only ten minutes on that trade. I have made many more videos since that first one, and they improved dramatically in quality as time went by.

The second video is from the Swing Trading series of lessons, and shows how I called a market top during late April of 2010. And I predicted that the market would fall hard because it had gone up too far, too fast, without any pullbacks to set up any levels of support.

Plus, you can watch a short video that describes these lessons in greater detail! You can learn a lot by just reading this site, and watching the videos on it! I've received a number of emails from experienced traders saying they actually learned a new trick or two!

The fourth video shows anyone how anyone in the world can use the website as a free member, and show you how to set up your charts so that they look exactly like the ones you'll see in many of the video lessons.


Click the link below to watch sample videos:

Video Charts

When you sign up for the Full-Service-Package, you get:

The Written Lesson, plus 30 HOURS of videos! There are 27 videos (17 hours) in the Day Trading series of lessons, and 65 videos (13 hours) in the Swing Trading series of lessons. There is also a very detailed written lessons that applies to both Day Trading and Swing Trading.

Or you can order individual parts of these lessons A la' Carte.
To see the different ways you sign up for my lessons, click the link below:

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