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I get comments from many of my new students saying they can't believe these lessons are so comprehensive for the price they paid. Many of them think these lessons are worth much more than what I'm asking for. They have tried many other systems being sold on the internet, and say my lessons are the best they've ever tried. Some of the other trading lessons cost thousands of dollars, and give much less useable information. And if you execute the strategy I teach you correctly, you can earn the amount you paid for these lessons in just one or two trades.

Please be aware that your lessons will not be delivered instantly after you make a payment. I create unique web pages for each new student as soon as I see their payment. This is to ensure that they get the most recent version of my lessons, because from time to time I add new material to the written lesson or create new videos. As soon as I see a payment from a new student, it takes me about one hour to set them up and then send them an email with instructions on how they will access their lessons. If you do not receive your lessons within 8 hours after making a payment, please send me an email to alert me that you have purchased my lessons. My email address is at the bottom of this page.

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Order the WRITTEN LESSON for $50.00

Some people learn things best by reading written instructions. If you are one of them, my written lesson is really all you'll need to have. It is very lengthy and very detailed, and it covers my strategies for both Day Trading and Swing Trading. My Buy & Sell Signals are discussed at length, and there are many, many other subjects covered in this written lesson.

Order the DAY TRADING VIDEOS for $50.00

Some people learn best by watching videos. Everything covered in the written lesson is in these videos. Each video shows me either trading in real-time while the market is open, or I show many other setups and strategies that I see after the market closes that are worth mentioning because there are very valuable lessons to be learned. There are 27 videos in this series of lessons, that total up to over 17 hours of playtime. You can learn how to become a very successful Day Trader just by watching this series of videos.

Order the SWING TRADING VIDEOS for $50.00

There are 13 videos in this series of lessons that describe my Swing Trading strategy in great detail. There are another 30 videos I made for 15 consecutive weeks called the "End of the Week Videos - for the Dow Jones Industrial Average" that were made from January 2nd to April 17th 2009. There are also 22 videos I made every weekend that followed the movements of the S&P500 Index from March 12th to August 27th 2010. That brings the grand total to 65 videos in the Swing Trading series of videos. Everything you need to know about Swing Trading is covered in these videos. I show you how my Buy & Sell Signals apply to daily and weekly charts, and I show you everything you need to know to do proper Due Diligence (research) on every stock you want to Swing Trade.

Order the FULL-SERVICE PACKAGE for $100.00

(save $50.00 with this package!)

When you sign up for the Full-Service-Package, you get it ALL...

You will receive the written lesson that applies to Day Trading and Swing Trading. You also receive all ninety videos for both the Day Trading and the Swing Trading series of lessons.


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